Lightdreams - Paul Marcano, Cory Rhyon, Andre Martin, Tim Moore, Art Lowe and John Walker

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When Islands in Space was released on vinyl in 1981 by Paul Marcano it was a very limited edition of 1000 pressings. The project was generously sponsored at the time primarily by fans of the concept and whereas not many albums made it into the hands of the public, a number of copies of Islands In Space were distributed to radio stations and University campuses throughout North America and as far away as Spain, Australia and Japan (the TEAC Corporation purchased 50 copies at the time because the album was recorded on their then revolutionary, first 4-track cassette recording machine, the TEAC 144.

With the advent of companies like Virgin Galactic and recently the more adventurous Blue Origin and of course the ambitious efforts of SpaceX's mission to Mars promoting space tourism and 'colonization', this timeless album and its music has been re-issued in a limited edition of 500 copies each on both vinly/CD re-issue. Of course there are a few remaining first edition original vinyl copies still available direct from the artist.(see details below).

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* Lightdreams owes much of their initial exposure to the tireless efforts of one Annie Goodwyne who at the time managed the fledgling band's publicity campaign, and who spent a number of years promoting Islands In Space and succeeding works. After the Challenger disaster however, enthusiasm for the colonization of space, dropped off dramatically, even though Hollywood would pick up the baton and release Star Trek the Next Generation soon thereafter.

Currently I remain optimystic that the multi-national space station being built in this 21st Century will revitalize the space program and inspire humanity to continue its fearless forging ahead to this high frontier. Perhaps with wider global input, it will truly reflect the multi-cultural mosaic of people that inhabit this Earth, itself, an island in space.

Paul Marcano
Lyricist, Guitarist and Synthesizers

  • There are very few unopened copies of the original 1981 pressing of 1000 Vinyl Records of Islands In Space still available.
    Signed Collector's Copies - sell at an incrementally higher price per unit as the remaining stock dwindles.

    The current asking price of a FIRST EDITION (1981) signed, vinyl copy is $425 Can.
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    Contact Paul Marcano personally if you are interested in making an offer on a Collector's First Edition Vinyl copy.


    12.1981Islands in Space
    MP3 Download $9.95LightDreams
    13.198210,001 Dreams
    Mp3 Download 90 mins. $14.95P.Marcano and LightDreams
    15.1983Airbrushing Galaxies
    MP3 Download $9.95LightDreams - P.Marcano & A.Martin
    32.1993 First Time Back
    Mp3 Download $9.95LightDreams - P.Marcano & A.Martin
    60.2019 Sampler's Breakfast
    Mp3 Download $5.95P.Marcano

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  • A Digital MP3 download of Islands in Space is included free Virtual Reality version of Islands in Space VR for the Oculus Rift!
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    For Search Engines! Islands in Space is a rare album released in 1981 by Paul Marcano's band LightDreams featuring music exploring the potential for space colonization or rather space habitats, that is, space travel and the High Frontier as popularized by Gerrard O'Neil. Space travel and the eventual colonization of other worlds or habitat building in outer space will create an evolution in humankind's inner awareness of our spacial and galactic place in the Universe as a home where we will eventual discover near- infinite resources from mining astroids to establishing cities on other planets, their moons and beyond. Once we find ways to travel faster and perfect landing on and taking off from other worlds the magnitude of new discovery and potential for scientic exploration will open up incredible new arenas for exploring the potential for further SPACE and Shuttle endeavours from the International Space Station where cultures world-wide are currently reaching for the high frontier, often referred to as the final frontier and then on to the moon, Mars and perhaps even the stars where meteors and comets may yet become the taxis to the cosmos. It is all very cosmic from earth orbit and Virgin Galactic to satellite telescopes to cities and islands in space.

    updated May 2019